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Cargando...Ficha tecnica

Directed by WRIGHT, Basil
Production Company GPO Film Unit
Sponsor Ceylon Tea Propaganda Bureau
Sponsor Empire Tea Marketing Board
A John Grierson Production GRIERSON, John
Asst. Direction TAYLOR, John
With Music by LEIGH, Walter
Voice [Narrator] WENDT, Lionel
Recording PAWLEY, E.A.
[Photography] WRIGHT, Basil
[Editor] WRIGHT, Basil
[Sound Supervisor] CAVALCANTI, Alberto


Documental dirigido por Basil Wright y producido por Grierson.

The first part of the film depicts the religious life of the Sinhalese, interlinking the Buddhist rituals with the natural beauty of Ceylon. Opening with a series of pans over palm leaves, we then gradually see people journey to Adam’s Peak, a centre of Buddhist pilgrimage for over two hundred years. This is continually intercut with images of surrounding natural beauty and a series of pans of a Buddhist statue. Part two focuses on the working life of the Sinhalese, again continually stressing their intimate connection to the surrounding environment. We see people engaging in pottery, woodcarving and the building of houses, whilst children play. The third part of the film introduces the arrival of modern communications systems into the fabric of this «natural» lifestyle, heralded by experimental sounds and shots of industrial working practices. Finally, in the last part of the film, we return to the religious life of the Sinhalese, where people dress extravagantly in order to perform a ritual dance. The film ends as it began, panning over palm trees.

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