Broad HorizonsPara celebrar el dia internacional de la mujer trabajadora -8 de Marzo- desde undercurrents han editado un DVD titulado Broad Horizons que recopila películas, vídeos, música, diseños y animaciones realizadas por mujeres. Además se planea una serie de proyecciones simultánea en diversas partes del mundo.

Broad Horizons es una red de mujeres radicales que muestra a través de este DVD sus trabajos en torno a películas, vídeos, música, diseño y animación. Undercurrents lanzará este tipo de recopilaciones regularmente incluyendo videos hechos por mujeres.

Si quieres programar una proyercción en tu zona puedes dirigirte a or llamar al 01792 455900.

Old Exchange
Pier st
+44 (0)1792 455900
Mobile 07973 298359

Contenidos de Broad Horizons issue 1

Fisch in Lesbos (undercurrents) 4min: A lesbian books a holiday

Be[lie]f (Shannon Smy) 3mins: Exploring belief structures

Happiness tends to Infinity (Yinka Selley) 3mins: A scientific equation on how to be happy

Trainstopping (Maren Girgensohn) 5 mins: British activists join in protests against the transportation of nuclear waste across Germany

Life Before Death (Helen iles) 10min: An inspiring short film explorings the experiences of two women & their daughters as they face terminal illness. Far from being a morbid lament, the film develops into an uplifting meditation on finding acceptance when faced with the most critical time of our life. Winner of Tokyo Video Festival 2006

Clowning around at the G8 (Circa) 15mins: An insignt into the techniques of the Rebel Clown Army during the G8 summit in Scotland.

The Very Model of a Modern Labour Minister– (Flash for Cash/Claire Civil) 3mins: Animated sing along with the Government about Identity cards!

I ain»t looking for your Sympathy -(Twiz Evans) 10mins: An inspiring documentary about how women are using many techniques to overcome disability. Filmed on location during the Women in Tune festival.

Evolving Minds (Melissa Gunasena) 45min: What is reality? Who defines it? Evolving Minds offers a fresh and radical perspective on alternatives to the mental health system. Presenting clear information in a humorous style it covers diverse topics such as shamanism, nutrition, psychotherapy, meditation and protest against draconian mental health legislation.

Proyecciones para el 8 de marzo de 2006

March 8th: Cardiff- Chapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Canton Cardiff. Launch Screening of Broad Horizons!
6.30pm in Cinema 2 £3

March 8th: London- UNMANAGEABLEVARIABLES The White Post Centre, 25 White Post Lane, Hackney Wick, (Hackney Wick BR)…..A call out to women…workshops as wide ranging as prostitution, human trafficking, economic violence (poverty), the rise of girl gangs, plastic surgery and the idealised woman, warrior women through history, self defence for women,…a web link to women in palestine and dancing in the streets with rythms of resistance samba……an evening of music,performance and cinema to get involved… or call 07946417425…

March 8th- Carmarthen South Wales -The Waverley Cafe, Lammas Street, Carmarthen 5-7pm
Broad Horizons kicks off a regular slot at the Waverley. Hosted by Sophie and Staci

March 8th- Tasmania Australia- above Sirens Restaurant, Victoria St Hobart, Tasmania from 9pm

March 8th- Norwich- Students Union, University of East Anglia, Norwich

March 8th- Totnes- The Barrel House, High Street, Totnes, 7pm

March 8th- Sussex- Activity Centre, Falmouth House, University of Sussex, Falmer

March 8th- Nottingham- University of Nottingham Womens Campaign

March 11th- Swansea- Swansea Women»s Centre, 25, Mansel Street. 12 noon-4pm
Part of a celebration for International Women»s Day including a chance to try your hand at pottery, photography and sample delicious cuisines!

March 11th- Newport- Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre, Bristol Packet Wharf, Newport. 11-1.30pm

March 14th- Swansea- The Chattery Cafe, Uplands, Swansea. 7pm-10pm
Mother, Daughters, Sisters, Grandmothers, Lovers, Friends…
Part of an open mic night of songs, stories, comedy and poems honouring the women in ourlives. Come along and sing a song that celebrates women tell a story about your wonderful grandmother, introduce us to the women who»ve inspired you or changed your life..

March 6-10th- Essex- Lecture Theatre Building Foyer, Essex University, Wivenhow Park, Colchester, Essex.

March 17th- England- Bridie»s Yard, Glastonbury. 7pm